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I am a future student wanting to study at Griffith University

To find out more about studying at Griffith University, please go to the Degree Finder website at:

I am a future research candidate keen to commence a Higher Degree by Research Program at Griffith University

Thank you for showing your interest in Higher Degree by Research program (HDR) at Griffith University. For all your enquiries relating to admission or candidature, contact the Higher Degree Research Student Centre:


For Information on how to apply, visit:

Free call: 1800 303 603

Phone: +61 (07) 3735 3817


I am looking for a research supervisor at Griffith University

To find an expert who can offer supervision in your discipline or area of interest, click on the Academics tab on this website.

I am an academic from outside Griffith looking to collaborate with Griffith University

  1. Please click on the Projects, Publications, Datasets or Services tab on this website for more information.
  2. If you are looking for a Griffith University Academic/Researcher/Research Centre, please click on the Academics tab on this website, or visit to access Research Centres.

I am a Griffith University academic/research staff member

  1. For further help, please login to Griffith Experts at the top right hand side of this website to access User Guides and Frequently Asked Questions.

I am looking to contact someone at Griffith University

  1. To contact a Griffith University staff member, go to the Griffith University Phone Book
  2. If you cannot find a Griffith University staff member in the phone book, please contact Griffith University Switchboard.

I am from a media organisation looking for assistance

  1. For Research Projects/Publications/Datasets/Services, please click on the appropriate tab on this website.
  2. For all other media related enquiries, contact the Office of Marketing Communications at:

General Enquiry

Visit the Griffith Contact Us page for general enquiries.