• Khoi Seng Lok Khoi Seng Lok
  • Yien Chian Kwok Yien Chian Kwok
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen Nam-Trung Nguyen

This paper reports a microchip with an integrated passive micromixer based on chaotic advection. The micromixer with staggered herringbone structures was used for luminol-peroxide chemiluminescence detection. The micromixer was examined to assess its suitability for chemiluminescence reaction. The relationship between the flow rate and the location of maximum chemiluminescence intensity was investigated. The light intensity was detected using an optical fiber attached along the mixing channel and a photon detector. A linear correlation between chemiluminescence intensity and the concentration of cobalt(II) ions or hydrogen peroxide was observed. This microchip has a potential application in environmental monitoring for industries involved in heavy metals and in medical diagnostics.