This paper reflects on the genesis, evolution and future aims for the IMERSD (Intermedia, Music Education and Research Design) project at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Physically, IMERSD is a specialist 5.1 surround-sound recording studio and multimedia post-production suite providing a comprehensive range of high-end production tools within a rigorous acoustic environment. Philosophically, IMERSD aims to bridge teaching, research and industry landscapes; it signifies immersion and engagement as an umbrella concept for community and industry partnerships, student internships, explicit alumni links and the development of practice-led research. Also explored are pertinent issues including evaluation, sustaibility, interdiscipliry collaboration, exterl stakeholders, and music law considerations within a higher education setting. The paper posits future operatiol frameworks which position IMERSD as a flexible learning and research tool seeking to inform curriculum design whilst interacting and evolving in parallel to the changing face of musicianship in burgeoning creative industries.

Presented at Conferences

  • The Speculation and Innovation Conference 2005 (2006)