• N. Palousis N. Palousis
  • K. Hargroves K. Hargroves
  • M. Smith M. Smith
  • Cheryl Desha Cheryl Desha

Australian rural landscapes are facing a crisis from land degradation due to rising salinity levels, soil acidification and soil erosion. There is growing consensus amongst the businesses community, government departments and research organisations that the real solution to these problems and the broader sustaibility dilemma comes by taking a 'whole of system' approach to agricultural and rangelands magement. This article introduces two cutting-edge concepts - Biomimicry and tural Sequence Farming - to illustrate how whole-system thinking can effectively and profitably address the challenges facing agriculture and rangelands.

Presented at Conferences

  • Australian Rangelands Society: 14th Biennial Conference (2006)