IMERSD is a specialist 5.1 surround-sound recording studio, multimedia post-production suite and audio research laboratory. The facility represents the fil stage of a 2 year, $630,000 refurbishment of the Queensland Conservatorium Music Technology Area, leveraging ongoing work over the last five years totalling some $5,000,000 investment in: a comprehensive range of high-end hardware and software products for high sample rate sound recording, alysis and manipulation; a broad range of highly specialised microphones, pre-amplification and production tools; multiple environments featuring rigorous acoustic and ergonomic designs; state-of-the-art audio, video monitoring and reproduction systems; and dedicated video, audio, data networks, computer workstations and servers. IMERSD is a professiol recording and post-production environments which operates as a hybrid commercial model, bridging teaching, research and industry environments; it signifies immersion and engagement as an umbrella concept for community and industry partnerships, student internships, explicit alumni links, research-led teaching and contribution to a creative practice-led research agenda. The facility is designed to undertake large projects stand-alone, or in tandem with industry and commercial partners, and/or other Griffith University element

Presented at Conferences

  • Australasian Computer Music Conference 2005 (2005)