• Tian Fook Kong Tian Fook Kong
  • Huan Shin E Huan Shin E
  • Hendrik Santoso Sugiarto Hendrik Santoso Sugiarto
  • Hwi Fen Liew Hwi Fen Liew
  • Xinghua Wang Xinghua Wang
  • Wen Siang Lew Wen Siang Lew
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen Nam-Trung Nguyen
  • Yong Chen Yong Chen

The ability to trap, manipulate, and separate magnetic beads has become one of the key requirements in realizing an integrated magnetic lab-on-chip biosensing system. In this article, we present the design and fabrication of an integrated magneto-fluidic device for sorting magnetic particles with a sorting efficiency of up to 95%. The actuation and manipulation of magnetic beads are realized using microfabricated square meandering current-carrying micro striplines. The current is alterted between two neighboring micro striplines to switch the magnetic beads to either one of the two outlets. We performed a series of parametric study to investigate the effect of applied current, flow rate, and switching frequency on the sorting efficiency. Experimental results reveal that the sorting efficiency is proportiol to the square of current applied to the stripline, and decreases with increasing buffer flow rate and switching frequency. Such phenome agree well with our theoretical alysis and simulation result. The fastest switching rate, which is limited by the microchannel geometry and bead velocity, is 2 Hz.