• Majid Hejazian Majid Hejazian

Magnetofluidics is the science and technology that combine magnetism and fluid dynamics to modify transport phenomena for a variety of applications. Magnetofluidics often works with conventional microfluidics to take advantage of the small size, the low cost and the low consumption of sample for chemical and biological studies. Magnetofluidics has been used for actuation and manipulation of fluid flow and suspended particles or cells in microfluidic devices. The use of bio-compatible ferrofluids as a paramagnetic carrier fluid in the field of microfluidics has attracted great interest recently. Ferrofluid is a colloidal liquid made of ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic nanoparticles suspended in a carrier fluid. In the presence of a magnetic field, a ferrofluid becomes strongly magnetized. Thus, a small amount of samples containing ferrofluid could be manipulated for applications such as mixing, pumping, sorting of particles and cells, enhancement of heat and mass transfer phenomena and chemical reactions. On the other hand, magnetic force can be induced wirelessly and is suitable for biological studies as it sustains cell viability. Therefore, the combination of magnetofluidics and microfluidics has proven to be a low cost, efficient and versatile technology for a number of applications.