• Tristan O'Neill Tristan O'Neill
  • Trina Myers Trina Myers
  • Jarrod Trevathan Jarrod Trevathan

The Tropical Data Hub (TDH) is a virtual research environment that provides researchers with an e-research infrastructure to congregate significant tropical data sets for data reuse, integration, searching, and correlation. However, researchers often require data and metadata synthesis across disciplines for crossdomain alyses and knowledge discovery. A triplestore offers a semantic layer to achieve a more intelligent method of search to support the synthesis requirements by automating latent linkages in the data and metadata. Presently, the benchmarks to aid the decision of which triplestore is best suited for use in an application environment like the TDH are limited to performance. This paper describes a new evaluation tool developed to alyze both features and performance. The tool comprises a weighted decision matrix to evaluate the interoperability, functiolity, performance, and support availability of a range of integrated and tive triplestores to rank them according to requirements of the TDH.

Presented at Conferences

  • ICCIE 2012 (2012)

    Perth, Australia