This letter presents for the first time the piezoresistive effect of p-type single crystalline 3C-SiC thin film. The 3C-SiC thin film was epitaxially grown on (100) p-type Si substrate using the low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPVCD) process. The grown 3C-SiC was doped in situ with aluminum to form p-type semiconductor with carrier concentration of 5 נ1018 cm-3 and sheet resistance of about 40 kOhm. Longitudil and transverse gauge factors (GFs) of the 3C-SiC in [110] orientation at room temperature (23 é were 30.3 and -25.1, respectively. These results indicated that the p-type single crystalline 3C-SiC possessed a higher GF than the previously reported results in p-type polycrystalline 3C-SiC.