• Judith Dean Judith Dean
  • Judy Wollin Judy Wollin
  • Donald Stewart Donald Stewart
  • Joseph Debattista Joseph Debattista
  • Marion Mitchell Marion Mitchell

Research addressing sensitive topics with people from small, minority, ethnic communities can present challenges that are difficult to address using conventiol methods. This paper reports on the methodological approach used to explore sexual health knowledge, attitudes and beliefs among the Sudanese community in Queensland, Australia. The multiphase, mixed-method study involved young people 16 to 24 years of age participating in a written survey and semi-structured interview and focus-group discussions with the broader Queensland Sudanese community members. Community collaboration, the key factor to the success of this research, optimised the development of a research environment that built trust and facilitated access and subsequent understanding. Research conducted in partnership with the target community can address methodological challenges and produce meaningful information when researching sensitive topics with small but 'highly-visible' populations.