• Shelley Allen Shelley Allen
  • Tamara Ownsworth Tamara Ownsworth
  • Glenys Carlson Glenys Carlson
  • Jenny Strong Jenny Strong

Aim: The aim of this study was to explore the particular challenges for occupatiol therapists during their cross-examition as an expert witness on work capacity. Methods: Grounded theory methodology was used to collect and alyse data. Interviews were conducted with 31 participants with direct experience of occupatiol therapy work capacity assessments. Of these, 19 were occupatiol therapists, six were medical specialists and six were lawyers. Results: All participant groups perceived that maintaining one's credibility in the witness box was of paramount importance. The occupatiol therapists identified 11 strategies that barristers may use to challenge their credibility as an expert witness. Conclusions: The three professiol groups proposed practices that maintain occupatiol therapists' credibility as expert witnesses on the work capacity of persol injury claimants.