• Margaret McAllister Margaret McAllister
  • Lorraine Venturato Lorraine Venturato
  • Amy Johnston Amy Johnston
  • Jennifer Rowe Jennifer Rowe
  • Marion Tower Marion Tower
  • Wendy Moyle Wendy Moyle

Nurses work in complex health care systems, which today are based not only on medical treatment and cure, but also on ebling individuals and strengthening communities. This paper describes a curriculum approach to teaching nursing in an Australian university which seeks to prepare students for this environment. Underpinned by transformative education principles, and termed Solution Focused Nursing, specific teaching and learning strategies are discussed. A goal is to cultivate critical thinkers and knowledge workers, that is, nurses who are not only able to work skillfully, strategically, and respectfully with clients, but who also demonstrate discernment, optimism, and vision about nursing and health care.