• Roderick McClure Roderick McClure
  • Judith Searle Judith Searle
  • Kim Halford Kim Halford
  • Ross Homel Ross Homel
  • A Wilson A Wilson
  • Paul Scuffham Paul Scuffham
  • Lyn Griffiths Lyn Griffiths
  • G Mishra G Mishra
  • Neil Sipe Neil Sipe
  • Cate Cameron Cate Cameron
  • L Doubois L Doubois
  • R Lyons R Lyons

The team is comprised of intertiol and tiol researchers from the full range of disciplines relevant to the project. These include, epidemiology, statistics, criminology, genetics, psychology, clinical medicine, public health, health economics, qualitative research methods, social work, and health policy. Each team member has a demonstrated track record in their field.