• Hongyi Zhao Hongyi Zhao
  • Dong-Sheng Jeng Dong-Sheng Jeng
  • Y. Zhang Y. Zhang
  • J. Zhang J. Zhang
  • H. Zhang H. Zhang
  • C. Zhang C. Zhang

This paper presents a three-dimensiol (3D) integrated numerical model where the wave-induced pore pressures in a porous seabed around breakwater heads were investigated. Unlike previous research, the vier-Stokes equation is solved with interl wave generation for the flow model, while Biot's dymic seabed behaviour is considered in the seabed model. With the present model, a parametric study was conducted to examine the effects of wave and soil characteristics and breakwater configuration on the wave-induced pore pressure around breakwater heads. Based on numerical examples, it was found that the wave-induced pore pressures at breakwater heads are greater than that beneath a breakwater. The wave-induced seabed response around breakwater heads become more important with: (i) a longer wave period; (ii) a seabed with higher permeability and degree of saturation; and (iii) larger angle between the incident waves and breakwater. Furthermore, the relative difference of wave-induced pore pressure between fully-dymic and quasi-static solutions are larger at breakwater heads than that beneath a breakwater.