• Michael H. Smith Michael H. Smith
  • Karlson Charlie Hargroves Karlson Charlie Hargroves
  • Cheryl Desha Cheryl Desha

The focus of this new book, Cents and Sustaibility, is to respond to the call by Dr Gro Brundtland in the semil book Our Common Future to achieve, 'a new era of economic growth - growth that is forceful and at the same time socially and environmentally sustaible'. With the 20th anniversary of Our Common Future in 2007, it is clearly time to re-examine this important work in a modern global context. Using the framework of 'Decoupling Economic Growth from Environmental Pressures', Cents and Sustaibility investigates a range of new evidence and research in order to develop a deeper understanding of how, and under what conditions, this 'forceful sustaible growth' is possible. With an introduction by Dr Jim MacNeill (former Secretary General to the Brundtland Commission, and former Director, OECD Environment Directorate 1978 -1984), the book will carry forewords from Dr Gro Brundtland (former Chair of the World Commission on Environment and Development), Dr Rajendra Pachauri (Chief, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and joint recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the IPCC), and Dr Kenneth Ruffing (former Deputy Director and Chief Economist of the OECD Environment Directorate 2000 - 2005). Beginning with a detailed explation of decoupling theory, along with investigation into a range of issues and barriers to its achievement, the book then focuses on informing tiol strategies for decoupling. Then putting this into action the book focuses on five key areas of decoupling, mely greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, freshwater extraction, waste production, and air pollution, and in each case showing compelling evidence for significant cost effective reductions in environmental pressures. The book concludes with a detailed case study of the groundbreaking application of public interest litigation to combat air pollution in Delhi, India.