• Sankalp Khanna Sankalp Khanna
  • Abdul Sattar Abdul Sattar
  • Justin Boyle Justin Boyle
  • David Hansen David Hansen
  • Bela Stantic Bela Stantic

The Multiagent Systems paradigm offers expressively rich and tural fit mechanisms for modeling and negotiation for solving distributed problems. Solving complex and distributed real world problems in dymic domains however presents a significant challenge and requires the integration of technology innovation and domain expertise to create intelligent solutions. Scheduling of patients, staff, and resources for elective surgery in an under-resourced and overburdened public health system presents an excellent example of this class of problems. In this paper, we discuss the research challenges presented by the problem and outline our efforts of applying distributed constraint optimization, intelligent decision support, and prediction based theater allocation to address these challenges. We also discuss how these technologies can be used to drive better planning and change magement in the context of surgery scheduling.