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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is considered an emerging technology for advancing a wide range of applications, such as supply chain magement and distribution. However, despite the extensive development of the RFID technology in many areas, the RFID tags collision problems remain a serious issue. Collision problems occur due to the simultaneous presence of multiple numbers of tags within the reader zone. To solve collision problems, different anti-collision methods have been mentioned in literature. These methods are either insufficient or too complex, with a high overhead cost of implementation. In this chapter, the authors propose a novel deterministic anti-collision algorithm using combitions of Q-ary trees with the intended goal to minimise memory usage queried by the RFID reader. By reducing the size of queries, the RFID reader can preserve memories, and the identification time can be improved. In addition, the chapter introduces a novel probabilistic group-based anti-collision method to improve the overall performance of the tag recognition process.