• Cheryl Desha Cheryl Desha
  • N. Palousis N. Palousis
  • K. Hargroves K. Hargroves
  • Michael Smith Michael Smith

This paper will demonstrate how sustaibility as a 'critical literacy' can be integrated into mainstream engineering education, using a current Australian initiative as a case study. Environmental engineers are increasingly being required to have knowledge about sustaibility in the professiol field and accreditation mechanisms for environmental professiols are being implemented. However, integration of sustaibility material into courses around the country is still low. In addition to assisting environmental engineers at university level, it is crucial for engineers across the specialisations, to be exposed to sustaibility concepts and theories. This project demonstrates that sustaibility education for all engineers is not only possible, but that an Australia group is receiving intertiol support to develop such an educatiol initiative.

Presented at Conferences

  • 2005 SSEE National Conference (2005)