• Louise Porter Louise Porter
  • Laurence J. Alison Laurence J. Alison

The behaviour of offenders and victims in 116 cases of group robbery (61 commercial, 55 persol) was examined. Four interpersol themes were evident: domince, submission, co-operation and hostility. These themes are governed by the principles of complementarity such that offender domince elicits victim submission (reciprocity) and vice versa, while co-operative offenders tend to elicit victim co-operation (correspondence). Hostile offences were hypothesised as eliciting hostility in victims, but few victims in the sample demonstrated active resistance. The existence of behavioural themes suggests that offenders within the same group behave in a homogenous fashion, which is explained by reference to group norms and processes of modelling. Further, differences in interpersol themes were evident between commercial and persol robberies. Commercial robberies tend to involve greater levels of co-operation than persol robberies, while persol robberies involve more hostility than commercial robberies. This is discussed in terms of situatiol and motivatiol elements of the robberies.