• Kyra Hamilton Kyra Hamilton
  • Tom Cuddihy Tom Cuddihy
  • Katherine M. White Katherine M. White

Limited research has been conducted with at-risk populations in examining perceived environmental correlates of physical activity (PA); thus, we examined this relationship among parents with young children, a group at risk for physical ictivity. Parents (252 mothers, 206 fathers) completed a questionire assessing measures of perceived neighbourhood environment and a 1-week follow-up of PA behaviour. Mothers were more likely than fathers to perceive their neighbourhood as unsafe to go for walks at night and less likely to perceive transit stops within 10-15 minutes walking distance, sidewalks on most streets, and facilities to bicycle. Adjusting for demographics, shops within easy walking distance, sidewalks on most streets, and having no more than one motor vehicle were associated with being active for both sexes. Access to transit stops and free/low cost recreatiol facilities were also associated with mothers' PA. These findings suggest that environmental factors may support parents being active at recommended levels.