• Leigh Ellen Potter Leigh Ellen Potter
  • Liisa von Hellens Liisa von Hellens
  • Sue Nielsen Sue Nielsen

In this paper, we discuss the motivating factors behind Information Technology (IT) professiols and what drives their choice of IT as a career. In order to explore this a series of interviews with thirteen IT professiols have been undertaken including a set of prelimiry interviews, interviews with IT professiols from a consultancy organisation and a tertiary institution working on a common project, interviews with IT professiols in a large government organisation, and questionires distributed to an online community. The individuals participating in this study generally described exposure to technology at an early age and a subsequent interest in technology. These participants went on in later years to show an intrinsic motivation for pursuing technology. For this group of people the opportunity to interact with technology while young assisted them in developing an interest in working with technology and in retaining that interest.

Presented at Conferences

  • SIGMIS CPR'09: Computer Personnel Research Conference (2009)

    Limerick, Ireland