• Kyra Hamilton Kyra Hamilton
  • Katherine M. White Katherine M. White

Objectives: To explore the influence of social support on parental physical activity (PA). Methods: Forty parents (21 mothers, 19 fathers) participated in semistructured individual or group interviews. Data were alyzed using thematic content alysis. Results: Instrumental (eg, providing child care, taking over chores), emotiol (eg, encouragement, companionship), and informatiol support (eg, ideas and advice) as well as reciprocal support (eg, giving as well as receiving support) and autonomy support (eg, respecting one's choices) are important for parents' PA behavior. However, having support for being active is not straightforward in that many parents discussed issues that inhibited the facilitative ture of social support for PA performance (eg, guilt in getting help). Conclusions: Results highlight the complex ture of social support in facilitating parental PA.