• S. ohel Murshed S. ohel Murshed
  • Kai Choong Leong Kai Choong Leong
  • Chun Yang Chun Yang
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen Nam-Trung Nguyen

This paper reports an experimental investigation into force convective heat transfer of nofluids flowing through a cylindrical minichannel under lamir flow and constant wall heat flux conditions. Sample nofluids were prepared by dispersing different volumetric concentrations (0.2-0.8%) of noparticles in deionized water. The results showed that both the convective heat transfer coefficient and the Nusselt number of the nofluid increase considerably with the noparticle volume fraction as well as the Reynolds number. Along with the enhanced thermal conductivity of nofluids, the migration, interactions, and Brownian motion of noparticles and the resulting disturbance of the boundary layer are responsible for the observed enhancement of heat transfer coefficients of nofluids.