• Zhizhao Che Zhizhao Che
  • Teck Neng Wong Teck Neng Wong
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen Nam-Trung Nguyen

Plug flow in microcapillaries or microchannels offers significant advantages for the development of microfluidic applications and recently triggers many interests and studies. Recirculation is formed within liquid plugs due to the presence of interfaces. This paper presents an alytical model to investigate the recirculation flow and the flow resistance in microcapillaries with circular cross section. A fourth order partial differential equation is used to model the Stokes flow within the liquid plug. The results of the flow field show that the flow pattern is affected by the plug length. The flow resistance is determined through the force balance of the liquid plug. The comparison of the flow field and the flow resistance from the alytical model and the experiments shows good agreement.