• S. Sohel Murshed S. Sohel Murshed
  • Say Hwa Tan Say Hwa Tan
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen Nam-Trung Nguyen
  • Teck Neng Wong Teck Neng Wong
  • Levent Yobas Levent Yobas

This paper reports experimental investigations on the droplet formation and size manipulation of deionized water (DIW) and nofluids in a microfluidic T-junction at different temperatures. Investigations of the effect of microchannel depths on the droplet formation process showed that the smaller the depth of the channel the larger the increase of droplet size with temperature. Sample nofluids were prepared by dispersing 0.1 volume percentage of titanium dioxide (TiO2) noparticles of 15 nm and 10 nm נ40 nm in DIW for their droplet formation experiments. The heater temperature also affects the droplet formation process. Present results demonstrate that nofluids exhibit different characteristics in droplet formation with the temperature. Addition of spherical-shaped TiO2 (15 nm) noparticles in DIW results in much smaller droplet size compared to the cylindrical-shaped TiO2 (10 nm נ40 nm) noparticles. Besides changing the interfacial properties of based fluid, noparticles can influence the droplet formation of nofluids by introducing interfacial slip at the interface. Other than nofluid with cylindrical-shaped noparticles, the droplet size was found to increase with increasing temperature.