• Patrick Pickett Patrick Pickett

This project investigates the practice of conducting from the conductor's perspective, informed by the author's professional practice over more than three decades. It considers the nature of conducting as professional practice through the long-held philosophical construct of a triumvirate of forces underpinning human endeavour: mind, body and spirit. The project considers these terms, and then applies this understanding to a series of professional practice contexts: a master class with conductors; a summer school involving conducting students; and a reflexive investigation of conducting practice. The aims of this research are to ascertain the effectiveness of an individual's conducting practice, and to examine what effect a conductor could have on the audience and how they received the composer's initial intent. The research does so in a discursive mode, via a series of questions that link the perception of indivisible mind, body and spirit, ultimately proposing an understanding of how these elements can be a measure of the complete conductor. The application of this concept to the conductor imposes concepts of knowledge beyond music score, physical skills beyond time beating and instrumental application, and psychology that reaches into the minds of the conductor, and the musicians, as well as into the receptors of the audience.