• Cheryl Desha Cheryl Desha
  • Nicholas Palousis Nicholas Palousis
  • Karlson Hargroves Karlson Hargroves
  • Michael Smith Michael Smith

The Institution of Engineers Australia (Engineers Australia) believes that it is critically important for all engineers, regardless of their discipline, to have an understanding of sustaibility issues and opportunities to fulfil this role in society. The Environment College of Engineers Australia (the College) has also been proactively engaged in developing material, through collaboration with The tural Edge Project (TNEP). In 2003, the College provided a grant to TNEP to develop an Introductory Module as part of a larger initiative called of the TNEP Engineering Sustaible Solutions Program: Critical Literacies Portfolio (ESSP:CLP). This paper provides summary of the trial process that was undertaken in the Australian teaching Semester 1, 2005. Key findings from the trial are presented and review requirements are identified for the Module.

Presented at Conferences

  • ASEE/AaeE 4th Global Colloquium: 2nd Environmental Engineering Academics' Workshop (2005)