• Clinton Arendt Clinton Arendt
  • Trina Myers Trina Myers
  • Jarrod Trevathan Jarrod Trevathan

Efficient cooling methods are necessary when living in a tropical climate where high temperatures and high humidity are normal. Air-conditioning units, which are expensive to run and maintain are standard in a majority of houses in Australia's tropic zone due to the design of both historic and modern housing not being fully suited to a tropical region. Significantly, the cost of energy consumption continues to increase. There are simple and inexpensive modifications a homeowner can do to turally cool the house and preserve energy, such as, painting roofs white, planting screening vegetation and installing shades exterlly to cover windows, etc. However, many of these altertive techniques are not common knowledge and are not presented to the public in ways that can inform and potentially change behaviour. This paper presents a housing simulation prototype that applies gamification methods to build awareness on ways to reduce cooling power consumption. An interactive guided persuasion methodology is used to educate homeowners about these altertive techniques so they may choose tural cooling methods instead of relying on electrical cooling appliances. The results of the user testing show the simulation design did encourage awareness and motivation to make tangible adaptations to homes.