• Mirjana IvanoviĿ Mirjana IvanoviĿ
  • Zoran Putnik Zoran Putnik
  • Dejan MitroviĿ Dejan MitroviĿ
  • Bela Stantic Bela Stantic

This paper presents the first and prelimiry, origil ideas about the possible architecture for the improvement of eLearning use at the university level. We suggest introduction of three-way architecture consisting of ways to: convert traditiol teaching resources into the eLearning form of learning objects, methodology to employ some electronic activities as a replacement for traditiol classroom activities, and methodology to use software agents for harvesting the necessary additiol learning material from open learning repositories. Individual parts of the proposed architecture have been tested in practice, and showed very positive results, so we expect to further improve the application of eLearning by using the architecture as a whole.