This paper numerically investigates the influence of a uniform magnetic field on the dropletformation process at a microfluidicflow focusing configuration. The mathematical model was formulated by considering the balance of forces such as interfacial tension, magnetic force, and viscous stress across the liquid/liquid interface. A linearly magnetizable fluid was assumed. The magnetic force acts as a body force where the magnetic permeability jumps across the interface. The governing equations were solved with finite volume method on a Cartesian fixed staggered grid. The evolution of the interface was captured by the particle level set method. The code was validated with the equilibrium steady state of a ferrofluiddroplet exposed to a uniform magnetic field. The evolution of the dropletformation in a flow focusing configuration was discussed. The paper mainly alyzes the effects of magnetic Bond number and the susceptibility on the velocity field and the droplet size. The droplet size increased with increasing magnetic strength and susceptibility.