• Hafizah Besar Sa'aid Hafizah Besar Sa'aid
  • Donald Stewart Donald Stewart
  • Ian W. Eng land Ian W. Eng land
  • Jing Sun Jing Sun
  • Ahmad B. Zakaria Ahmad B. Zakaria

This study is part of a larger study which investigates the effectiveness of the dissemition of HTA products to its target users at institutiol level. This part of the study explores the influence of organizatiol contextual factors on HTA adoption by healthcare professiols in the hospitals. The method used for this part of the study was via self-administered survey questionire. Data were alyzed by using SPSS 20. The statistical alyses used were alysis of variance (ANOVA) and multiple regression alysis. The findings from ANOVA shows that the contextual variables in all hospitals under study are similar, thus the data collected can be combined to conduct a more robust multiple regression alysis. Regression alysis shows that the organizatiol contextual factors only explain a total of 20.5% of the variance in the HTA adoption in the selected hospitals. Hence, organizatiol contextual factors are not the only factors that influence HTA adoption. This unexpected result may be caused by low awareness among healthcare professiols about HTA at hospital level. Thus, HTA agencies need to find better ways of dissemiting HTA products to their target users.