• A J Brown A J Brown
  • Charles Sampford Charles Sampford
  • Arthur Shacklock Arthur Shacklock
  • Brian Head Brian Head
  • Carmel Connors Carmel Connors
  • Noel Preston Noel Preston
  • Dallas Adair Dallas Adair
  • Scott MacNeill Scott MacNeill
  • Geoff Baker Geoff Baker
  • Dr George Gilligan Dr George Gilligan
  • Associate Professor David Kimber Associate Professor David Kimber
  • Dr Megan Kimber Dr Megan Kimber
  • Joel Lucas Joel Lucas
  • Peter Roberts Peter Roberts
  • Dr Rodney Smith Dr Rodney Smith
  • Dr John Uhr Dr John Uhr
  • John Warburton John Warburton

This publication presents the results of a research program. It focuses on how different elements of integrity interact, which combition of institutions and reforms make for a strong integrity system, and how Australia's integrity systems should evolve to ensure coherence, not chaos in the way public integrity is maintained. The assessment resulted in 21 recommendation encompassing three broad overarching themes: Integrity from the top: core institutions; walking the talk; distributed integrity institutions; and investing in integrity: education, evaluation and research. At the same time, this project provides an example of, and methodology for ,the assessment and improvement of integrity systems in other countries.