• Jian-Fei Lu Jian-Fei Lu
  • Dong-Sheng Jeng Dong-Sheng Jeng
  • Jian-Wei Wan Jian-Wei Wan
  • Ji-Sheng Zhang Ji-Sheng Zhang

In this study, on the basis of the Floquet transform method, a numerical model for the simulation of the vibration isolation via multiple periodic pile rows with infinite number of piles is established. By means of the fictitious pile method due to Muki and Sternberg, the second kind of Fredholm integral equations for the pile rows are developed by using the fundamental solutions for the half-space and the compatibility conditions between the piles and half-space. Employing the Floquet transform method, integral equations for the pile rows in the wavenumber domain are then derived. Solution of the integral equations yields the wavenumber domain solution for the pile rows. The space domain solution can then be retrieved by inversion of the Floquet transform. Numerical results show that the proposed model with the Floquet transform method is in a good agreement with those of the conventiol direct superposition method. On the basis of the new model, influences of the spacing between neighboring piles, the Young's modulus of the piles, and the pile length on the vibration isolation effect of the pile rows are investigated. Numerical simulations conducted in this study show that compared with the direct superposition method, the efficiency of the proposed model for simulation of the vibration isolation via pile rows is very high.