• Jarrod Trevathan Jarrod Trevathan
  • Trina Myers Trina Myers
  • Heather Gray Heather Gray

Promoting engagement during lectures becomes significantly more challenging as class sizes increase. Therefore, lecturers need to experiment with new teaching methodologies to embolden deep learning outcomes and to develop interpersol skills amongst students. Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning is a teaching approach that uses highly structured group work during lessons so that students construct content. Each group member takes on a role for which the other group members rely on, and then the group reports back to the class. This paper describes how group work was adapted for use in a large first year Information Systems course. Quantitative and qualitative results suggest that students are receptive to group work, as the approach creates a relaxed, friendly and trusting community that is typically not present in classes that use a didactic teaching style. We provide a discussion of lessons learned with regard to using group work in a large lecture theatre and give recommendations for how to improve interactivity amongst the class.