• Prapassara Pupunwiwat Prapassara Pupunwiwat
  • Bela Stantic Bela Stantic

For the past decade, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has gained a significant momentum. It has promised to improve the efficiency of supply chain and library magement by providing the automatic identification and data capture. It is expected that RFID will replace a barcode system in the near future. However, a large volume of data, resulting from the fast capturing RFID readers and huge number of tags, poses challenges for data magement. Some of the captured data have errors such as data duplication or miss reads. Existing techniques are uble to elimite RFID data duplication while correctly identifying the correct location of the tag. In this study, a location filtering and duplication elimition for RFID data streams based on set theory are proposed. Experimental results show that the proposed method has better quality of output data and at the same time provides the exact location of the tag.