• Marianna Joo Marianna Joo

Measurement and prediction of sediment transport rates are important for rivers in Queensland, particularly in connection to sediment delivery to near shore lagoons in the Great Barrier Reef. Planning and managing for sustainable sand and gravel extraction also requires accurate and reliable calculation of bed material load in river systems. Using sediment transport formulas can overcome the difficulties and reduce the costs associated with collecting field data. Sediment transport formulas were developed from theories that relate sediment transport to hydraulic and sediment variables, and were calibrated mostly with laboratory experiments. Previous evaluations of these formulas, mostly under the US and European conditions, showed that the suitability of these formulas could vary greatly according to the flow conditions under which they were applied. Evaluating the formulas in Australia is virtuallly nonexistent. In this study, sediment transport formulas are evaluated for Queensland rivers, where a wide range of climatic, hydrological and sediment conditions exist.