The Agile approach, once the domain of the IT industry, is now reaching into other industries and with that comes challenges for senior magement around how to adapt to and adopt Agile practices. This paper discusses the current state of play for the implementation of Agile practices, and presents adoption challenges around Agile processes, magement and business support, consistency, people issues, organisatiol culture, previous Agile experience, and education and training. Findings from a study of 13 professiols from a range of industries to were presented to assist in identifying a set of key magerial factors that will influence the adoption of the Agile approach. Key factors for senior magement to consider when considering an Agile adoption deal with issues of magement support, education and training, expectations, and communication. The identification of these factors allows executives to make strategic choices aimed at improving the process of adopting Agile within an organisation.

Presented at Conferences

  • PMIQld’s 2014 (2014)

    Brisbane, Australia