During Australia's centery of federation (2001), the author, Local Government Association of Queensland and Courier-Mail newspaper surveyed 1,264 Queenslanders for their attitudes to future constitutiol change, including a sample of 259 local government opinion leaders from across the state. The results of this pilot suggest ongoing political, functiol and theoretical challenges surrounding the position of local government in Australia. Only 22 percent of local government respondents indicated a preference for the federal system to remain the same in another 100 years, against 70+ percent preferring significant structural change (50 percent seeking regiol governments that replace the states). This higher-than-expected interest in change suggests that ongoing tiol reviews of the position of local government will need to reconsider federalism's values and structures from first principles, including engagement by Commonwealth and states alike with the principle of 'subsidiarity', if they are to deliver any long-term gains.