• Prapassara Pupunwiwat Prapassara Pupunwiwat
  • Peter Darcy Peter Darcy
  • Bela Stantic Bela Stantic

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses wireless radio frequency technology to automatically identify tagged objects. Despite the extensive development of RFID technology, tag collisions still remains a major drawback. The collision issue can be solved by using anti-collision techniques. While existing research has focused on improving anti-collision methods alone, it is also essential that a suitable type of anti-collision algorithm is selected for the specific circumstance. In this work, we evaluate anti-collision techniques and perform a comparative alysis in order to find the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. To identify the best anti-collision selection method in various scerios, we have proposed two strategies for selective anti-collision technique magement: a "Novel Decision Tree Strategy" and a "Six Thinking Hats Strategy". We have shown that the selection of the correct technique for specific scerios improve the quality of the data collection which, in turn, will increase the integrity of the data after being transformed, aggregated, and used for event processing.