• Marie Cooke Marie Cooke
  • Wendy Moyle Wendy Moyle
  • Lorraine Venturato Lorraine Venturato
  • Caroline Walters Caroline Walters
  • Joanne Kinnane Joanne Kinnane

This paper outlines an intervention protocol used to educate carers in a project that implemented and evaluated a capability model of dementia care (CMDC) in three long-term aged care facilities. It outlines an evaluation of the content of the education and processes used to deliver the intervention through an alysis of surveys and reflective field notes. The education protocol was designed for adult learners and grounded in the six assumptions of Knowles' learning theory. Results suggest the education protocol positively impacted on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants towards providing quality dementia care to residents in long-term care. The paper also acknowledges the challenges involved in sustaining a practice change through an educatiol intervention.