• Wendy Moyle Wendy Moyle
  • Jenny Murfield Jenny Murfield
  • Lorraine Venturato Lorraine Venturato
  • Susan Griffiths Susan Griffiths
  • Peter Grimbeek Peter Grimbeek
  • Margaret McAllister Margaret McAllister
  • Jenni Marshall Jenni Marshall

This pragmatic, exploratory qualitative study, as part of a larger funded research project, sought to explore families' perspectives on what it means to value a person with dementia and how this value might influence the quality of life of people with dementia. In-depth interviews were conducted with 20 family members who used one long-term care service provider in Australia. Families described the factors influencing a positive quality of life for the person with dementia as being related to the environment and, in particular, to the resident's room, supportive staff and individualised care that valued the person's life experience. Family also reported a negative impact on quality of life when staff and the care facility neglected to provide an individualised approach. This study highlights the importance of demonstrating the value of the person with dementia, the family role and partnerships of care.