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Current Work

2017 has seen the success, or impending success, of six HDR students in my team: both within the Head and Neck/Oral Cancer Programme and the Cariology Programme.

My thanks for all your hard work in deriving much valuable new data, and contributing to a remarkable publication output. I thank also colleagues at Griffith and overseas who have co-supervised and assisted with the work.

On the cancer front:
1. Congratulations to Dr Mushfiq Shaikh "The role of Human papillomaviruses in the
aetiopathogenesis of head and neck cancer in South Asia, and approaches to treatment"
2. Congratulations to Dr Jyothi Tadakamadla "Development and validation of a quality of life instrument for patients with oral potentially malignant disorders: studies of impact in a population of Telugu speaking adults"
3. Dr Bhawna Gupta "Life-course approach to behavioural risk factors and quality of life for cancers of the upper aero-digestive tract in an Indian population: a case-control study."
4. Dr Manosha Perera "The microbiome profile of oral squamous cell carcinoma tissues in a group of Sri Lankan male patients."

And on the caries front:
1. Dr Santosh Kumar "The impact of parent-child relationships on dental caries, gingivitis and oral health-related quality of life of children"
2. Dr Surani Fernandes "Assessing Maternal, Environmental and Individual Risk Factors for Dental Caries in a Population of Children from Queensland, Australia"

I thank co-supervisors and collaborators in this happy outcome.


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