Current Work

Dr Johanna Nalau is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Griffith Climate Change Response Program (GCCRP) and Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) at Griffith University specializing in climate change adaptation policy- and decision-making processes. Johanna is a social scientist whose research focuses on understanding how policy- and decision-makers deal with some of the central assumptions related to climate change adaptation, and the array of factors and processes that drive and constrain climate change adaptation, including constraints emerging from adaptation science and theory. She is particularly interested how these concepts are dealt with in ecosystem-based adaptation, sustainable tourism, traditional knowledge, and disaster risk management. She previously coordinated and led the first climate adaptation project in Zanzibar, Tanzania before joining Griffith in 2009, and has conducted research in Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, and Kiribati.

Johanna is an Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management (AJEM) and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management. She is a contributing author for the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report (WG II, chapters 16 and 25), and is particularly interested in the notion of adaptation limits and the role different institutional systems play in reinforcing some of these limits and constraints. She also manages the adaptation-list, which is a global network of social scientists engaged in adaptation research.


Expertise Keywords

  • Adaptation science
  • Adaptation theory
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate change adaptation policy
  • Ecosystem based adaptation
  • Pacific islands

Subject Area Codes

  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Pacific Peoples Information and Knowledge Systems
  • Sociology
  • Tourism

Country Affiliations

  • Samoa
  • Tanzania
  • Vanuatu

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Publications: 36 (Other: 36)

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