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Current Work

PhD Student
Cities Research Institute
School of Environment and Science
Executive Officer
Dean (Research), Arts, Education & Law Group
Griffith University
Introduction to Environmental Sustainability (1043SCG)


Research Publications and Outputs

Recent Publications

Publications: 6 (Other: 6)

Funded Griffith Research

Engagement and Impact


  • Conference Paper
    "A growing movement: Motivations for joining community gardens",   Sustainable Development and Planning 2017, UK,   2017,  
  • Presentation
    Presentation,   State of Australian Cites PhD Symposium,   2015,  
  • Other
    Urban Planning for Physical Activity and Nutrition: A Review of Evidence and Interventions (2008)
 Burke, M., Hatfield, E. & Pascoe, J., Urban Research Program Research Paper 22,   Cities Research,   2008,  

Learning and Teaching

Current and Past Courses

  • Intro to Environ Sustain (1043SCG)
    Teacher, In Person, Gold Coast Campus, Semester 1, 2018.
  • Intro to Environ Sustain (1043SCG)
    Teacher, In Person, Nathan Campus, Semester 1, 2018.
  • Intro to Environ Sustain (1043SCG)
    Teacher, Online, Online, Semester 1, 2018.

Research by Higher Degree Supervision or Scholarship


Education and Training

  • BSc Bachelor Of Science In Environment, Griffith University 1982 - 1985
  • GDipEd Graduate Diploma Of Education, University of Canberra 0-01 - 1986
  • MSc Master Of Science, Griffith University 2009 - 2012

Professional memberships

  • AECURN Member (Cultural Geography sub-group), Australasian Early Career Urban Research Network (QLD) 2014 - Present
  • ARMS ., Australian Research Management Society