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Gerry Docherty is Professor and Dean (Research) in the Arts, Education & Law academic group. Before his appointment to Griffith University in 2013, Gerry was Professor of Phonetics and Dean of Research, Innovation & Business Development in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences at Newcastle University in the UK. He has published widely on his research and has received nationally competitive project grants in the UK and Australia.
A common strand through all Gerry’s research work has been a focus on quantitative acoustic analysis of aspects of speech with a view to enhancing understanding of the nature of phonetic variability and its implications for phonetic theory. While much of his work has been focused on normal adult speakers, he has also investigated the acquisition of speech sound patterning in children and the nature of speech in populations of speakers with impaired speech production. He is currently Chief Investigator (with Paul Foulkes from University of York in the UK) on the ARC-funded Discovery Project entitled The social dynamics of language: a study of phonological variation and change in West Australian English. Gerry supervises doctoral projects in sociophonetics, descriptive and theoretical phonetics and clinical phonetics.