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Jason Nelson

Senior Lecturer
Queensland College of Art
+61 (0)7 3735 6182 (Work)
S02 3.04E, South Bank Campus

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Originally from the plains of Oklahoma, Dr. Jason Nelson has been at Griffith University for the past decade and is currently a Senior Lecturer of Digital Art and Writing at the Queensland College of Art in South Bank. After post-graduate study in Cultural Geography and working as a planner in Oklahoma City, Jason transformed his fascination with creative uses of software/programming and his experimental writing and arts practice into being considered one of the pioneers of the fast growing digital writing field. He is widely considered one of the top digital poets internationally, and is a highly regarded digital artist and creator of interactive art games. With over 50 works exhibited and published around the world, Jason’s creative arts research is focussed on new methods in combining cutting edge technology with literary and artistic approaches. And over the past decade he has won over a dozen awards for his work.   Additionally, Jason is on the Board of the Electronic Literature Organization headquartered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And from 2010-2014 he was appointed to the Literature Board of the Australia Council of the Arts as their first representative of Digital Writing. Jason Nelson’s research is forever expanding. With each new device, new programming language, new software package, new technology. he is investigating how they can be rethought for creative experimentation and literary wonderment.


  • Master of Fine Arts
    Bowling Green State University