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Tim Blumfield works mainly in the Pacific Islands assisting communities to manage their trees and access markets for their timber. He has led projects for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in Solomon Islands since 2008 as well as having spent nearly 5 years as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea. Areas of research have included the development of novel mixed species systems for growing high value timber and the development of agroforestry systems that have a "whole of life" approach to income generation from plantation grown timber. This involves agroforestry systems that develop as the trees grow and are thinned and that respond to changing light levels. He is currently trialling coffee as an income generating crop between plantation teak. Other interests are the natural regeneration of forests after disturbance, particularly heavy logging activity. Trials on an island in one of the local lagoons have shown that is is possible to regenerate stands of Vitex cofassus from the soil seed bank and the team is now looking at allowing the development of a natural understorey into these areas to bring structure and diversity into a previously heavily disturbed and weed infested area. Tim has worked closely with the Solomon Islands Association of Vocational and Rural Training Centres and is a strong advocate of vocational education through the non-formal education sector. His team have established demonstration sites for the agroforestry systems in Rural Training Centres in 5 provinces of Solomon Islands.


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