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Roslyn currently teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery courses, and into the multi-disciplinary Master of Primary Maternity Care Program. She is focused on capacity building for scale-up of midwifery as a primary, public health strategy that recognises childbirth as significant and transformative. Her teaching is underpinned by critical emancipatory social theory and learning pedagogy to enable effective agency that can transform people, structures and society toward goals of social justice and health equity. She aims to inspire students with skills that motivate them toward life-long learning, social advocacy and political and professional engagement. Roz has strong expertise in clinical midwifery caseload practice across the continuum of pregnancy, birth and the puerperium including implementation and expansion of midwifery continuity of carer models. As an endorsed midwife prescriber, she currently convenes and teaches in courses focused on midwifery prescribing and diagnostic investigations as well as breastfeeding and perinatal mental health and maintains accreditation as an International Board - Certified Lactation Consultant. Roz currently supervises post-graduate research students aligned with her program of work and has taught across a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery courses (listed below). Courses: 1551 Knowing Midwifery; 1555 Supporting Women; 1557 Research Evidence and Clinical Practice; 2661 Midwifery Practice: Acute Surgical Care; 2662 Maternal and Infant Wellbeing; 2663 Medication, Pharmacology and Screening for Midwives; 2664 Complex Maternal and Newborn Care; 3774 Promoting Normal Birth; 3776 Transition to Professional Practice; 8034 Prescribing for Midwives; 8046 Primary Maternity Care in Context; 6004 Independent Study; 8048 Advanced Breastfeeding and Lactation; 7103 Independent Practice Project Contexts of Midwifery Practice; Psychology for Midwives, Maternal and Infant Nutrition; Building Research Skills for Midwives; Clinical Knowledge for Midwifery Practice; Midwifery Care for the Woman and Baby with Complex Needs; Midwifery Models of Care; Psychosocial Contexts of Midwifery.