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Graeme Curwen

Snr Research Assistant Grade 1
Australian Rivers Institute
+61 (0)7 3735 7490 (Work)
N78 4.11, Nathan Campus

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I have expertise in analysing environmental data across time and space. A broad brush approach can be to merge bathymetry from nautical charts made in sailing ship days utilising lead-lines for depth soundings with space age technology such as the world wide Shuttle Radar Topography Mission to give seamless earth surface models from mountain top to ocean floor. Finer resolution data from Aerial Lidar and multi-beam bathymetry can be merged to give extremely accurate detail of study sites, both above and below the water line. If it can be measured in space and time, I pride myself in finding relationships and changes to answer environmental questions. Recent projects I have provided spatial analysis for include:- - Quantifying erosion and deposition in the Upper Brisbane River post 2011 and 2013 floods using repeat Lidar. - Compiling spatially explicit inputs for a pilot project modelling a Nitrogen cap-and-trade scheme in the Tully Valley, North Queensland. - Compiling spatially explicit inputs for modelling agricultural land use in South East Queensland by 2030 and 2050. - Quantifying gully area and erosion, as well as channel bank erosion in the Normanby Catchment at the base of Cape York. This utilised repeat Lidar over 3 time steps.